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Cem Özdel has lived 50 years in Germany and knows well the German mentality. School, high school, training and studies in Civil Engineering in Germany have shaped its European mindset. Thus, the claims of potential emigrants from Germany and other European countries are well known to him.


Web design, SEO, social media marketing know-how, such as facebook, twitter, YouTube, and video productions are among the versatile activity areas, he has been successfully implemented on order of his customers. Creation and implementation of innovative marketing concepts are his specialty in the multi-faceted marketing world.

For the best quality service to the customer is also a trained and experienced team is the basic requirement. Cem Özdel has also successfully supported as a coach with in- and outdoor trainings companies from different industries to excellence and awards.


For the first time this knowledge and know-how, the marketing professional now makes available for emigrants and company founders / Startups in Turkey. Not only from TV shows such as Goodbye Germany he knows how such dreams of life could burst and remigration become painful. His belief is that above all language barriers, lack of local knowledge, different laws on site and the underestimation of time frames to clear paticular things and processes leads to misjudgements. Insufficient or too low-calculated financial cushion can also eliminate the emigrants project. Therefore, the strategic Turkey Professionals recommend to take a few days time, jointly analyze the project on site and checked for realizability. This includes the creation of a business plan, if applicable, for a local funding or for internal use, to observe the new company from economic perspectives and the durability of predefined goals.


The business consulting for a startup described here provides Cem ÖZDEL measure for existing companies as restructuring. These services are available in the form of an Interim Management. Here, the chef personally can be integrated into companies on leadership level and solution together with the management and introduce performance-based measures. The duration of the Interim Management varies according to size, production volume or power spectrum of the respective company can take three, six to 12 months. The size of the companies that take the performance spectrum of the Agency VISIONS OF LIFE is completely irrelevant, assured the agency director. One-man firms get the same commitment and professional service as major customers of his company, all marketing-relevant measures are used. The custom-built marketing concept includes, if necessary the redesign of the corporate website, SEO (Search Engine Optimizing), SMM (Social Media Marketing), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Newsletter Marketing, Video Production/s, Indoor coaching/training, if necessary. Fair-Planning, online/print advertising, etc..


"Only with discipline, enthusiasm and focus goals are to be reached. Just so you have the chance to stand out from the crowd and be different. Being different is noticeable, who stands out is out of the mainstream and is perceived. Who is perceived definitely has the bigger chance to be seen to get requests following orders - and THIS means payment of his service/s or products. - THIS is the cycle that you have to inhale for yourself." knows the convinced marketing expert Cem ÖZDEL.


Innovations are the strengths of his owner-managed business group VISIONS OF LIFE Group, together at the top with his wife Kerstin ÖZDEL. The two *May-Taurus*, define also the company logo, live work-life balance in perfection. So both enjoy next successive 12 to 18 hours working days also some free days, do not need to fall on a Sunday exactly. But this only works when you're having fun at your job, underlines Cem ÖZDEL.

The direct customer contact is handled here in turn multilingual in German, Turkish, English, French and Spanish.

Mission Statement: The purest form of madness is to leave everything as it is and still hopethat something will change.

(Albert Einstein)

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Kerstin | Kerstin Oezdel | Business Consulting Turkey | Existenzgründung Türkei |
 Kerstin ÖZDEL 


The passion for design Kerstin Özdel found already in the frame of her education in the fashion industry. Experience in the real estate sector result from a longer stay in Mallorca, by selling Video Productions with her husband Cem Özdel.


In that time she has specialized in Property Design and thus on the promotional tool Home Staging, which was true for the corresponding real estate video production as a prerequisite.

Customers of the agency together with her husband, *VISIONS OF LIFE Group* who have acquired a residential property on the Turkish Riviera in the context of the advice here and the support from their agency, also enjoy the services of Consulting as Living-Area-Designer. This begins with a consultation in the office and will continue joint purchasing with the customer.

Owners who want your property (in Turkey and / or in Germany) to sell or rent, are advisory and executive support here. Through living room design, even with existing furniture, decorations and exhibits, the sale of real estate clients are well represented and offered.

Mission statement: *Do what is necessary, then what is possible and suddenly you reach the impossible ...*

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